Who Am I?


I have been working with my passion since 2016, to help people move, feel and look better. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and working full-time there as a trainer for many years did I decide to connect to my Hungarian roots and moved "home" to Budapest in the beginning of 2022.


Since then, I have been continueing to coach people in the best gym in central Budapest

As a Personal Trainer I believe in holistic fitness methods. To exercise is merely more than to just get in one hour and sweat a little. For me it is about actively wanting to improve, in body, mind & spirit. Objectively we all know that we need to eat nutritious food, stress as little as possible, rest properly and to exercise, but unfortunately many people struggle to find the routines and habits to form this kind of lifestyle.

I used to play alot of videogames and eat junk food when I was younger, then I found fitness. It changed my life in many more ways than I could imagine.

And when I realized how drastically it changed my life I decided that if I could feel this, why couldn't other people?

Since then I took my PT-certificate in Sweden on one of the best and most expensive schools so nothing goes to chance. Since then I have been working full-time with my passion and have a lot of experience training different people, different ages & with different goal-settings.