My Philosophy

I believe that training should be fun, challenging and stimulating. It is not always the final destination (the goal achieved) that is important – but the journey to get there. With less focus on machine training and more focus on free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, rubber bands, gymnastic rings, etc., I will ensure that you not only become able to work with your body, but also with the brain.

BODY : Understanding that the body is connected in fascinating ways and in one chain and that we should train it accordingly. How we move, what energy we send out, how hard we push ourselves physically and how we most safely train without injuring ourselves but still get lasting results.

MIND: Willpower is not enough today to create the life we ​​visualize that we are worth. Habits are what help us get where we want to go. Think about creating habits that will help you become who you want to be. What time you wake up, what morning routines you have, how we approach nutrition among much more. How to manage your waking hours of the day and that it all starts with a decision about wanting to improve your life.

SPIRIT: The communication between BODY and MIND and our inner calling – what makes us jump out of bed in the morning? How can what satisfies us spiritually become even better thanks to the fact that we take care of our body and program ourselves into a positive mindset? Driving force – what moves us forward and makes us develop and find joy in what we do?

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