Why You Should Eat Berries Often (Natures Ice-cream!)

So. Why would you eat berries? Every day? I’m gonna tell you why. So, first of all, guys, it is very high in fibers. And it’s very low in sugars. So If we were to think of all fruits in the same category, then berries are the ones that has the lowest glycemic index.

So, what does this mean? This means that it’s the best fruit in terms of avoiding sugar.  And we all know that sugar is bad for us. Right? We wanna avoid the processed foods we wanna avoid. A lot of sugar, basically. .So there are a lot of fruits that we should be aware of.  I’m not saying fruits are bad…

But you should definitely be aware of that a mango for example, has way more sugar than blueberries, for example. Obviously it’s very hard to overeat on mango or overeat on bananas, but it’s definitely doable and it will definitely spike your insulin levels. And you will get a lot of fructose (fruit sugar) in your system.

So now I’m not saying that fruits are bad, but I’m saying that if we are to choose. Consciously about which fruits we consume, then I would highly recommend to try to prioritize berries. If the goal is to lose weight, right? So, if you want to get more lean, you want to get strong. You wanna basically do a proper body decomposition.

Meaning that you want to get more muscles and you wanna lose body fat. Then I can very much recommend you that you eat a big bowl. or a small bowl of like blueberries quark some low fat yogurt. turó, if you live in Hungary, like there’s so many different things, you can combine to your berries.

One of my favorites here in Hungary is the turó, the berries. Eventually, if I feel to make it a little bit more luxorious or whatever. I can take some honey. As well. But in terms of keeping the calories low, I want to try to keep it simple. Another thing I want to talk a little bit about is the like basics of macros, right? So we have the three primary ones, which is the carbohydrates, the fats and the proteins. Right. Something that is very important to know. Is that fat. Per gram. Has nine calories. while as protein and carbohydrates has four calories. So, what does this mean? There’s a lot of people snacking on nuts. They are eating peanut butter and all these fats right? And there is good fats and there are bad fats. So, now I’m not saying that peanut butter is bad. Like I love peanut butter. I can eat it occasionally. But if the goal is to lose weight. It can be a very good idea to try to eat more berries and more low fat yogurts with like vanilla taste.

Add it with the berries and you will have the most delicious snack guys that you can ever imagine. Not ever imagined, but a very healthy & tasty snack. Based on the high nutritional value as well. So let’s compare a little bit like this bowl of 450 grams of cranberries. And around 100 gram of turó. So.

First of all, this is the macros that I was talking about. So now let’s put this in action. Okay. So we’re going back to the cranberries. It’s 60 calories per hundred grams. eating 450 grams of this, it is 60, 120, 180, 240 and 270. So 270 calories. And then we’re gonna look at the turó, right?

What did I say? 270, 270. I know the turó is around… because I have it here as well. So 270 plus 100 grams of turó is 99 calories. From 99 calories or a hundred grams of Touro, which is almost yeah, half of this. I get 15 grams of protein and a hundred calories. Then we add these hundred calories to 450 grams.

So we’re not even up at 400 calories. But if I would instead go to. Let’s take peanut butter for example. I’m only gonna go through the organic peanut butter now. So I’m not even gonna go through the bad peanut butters, like Skippy’s and all these bullshit, because that’s obviously a lot of processed shit. It’s a lot of sugar. It’s a lot of bullshit.

So I’m gonna compare with organic peanut butter. Peanut butter that is simply made out of peanuts and the natural oil that is created once you do the actual butter.

So for example:

If I I have a 350 gram jar. It’s a pretty small jar. Whenever I buy peanut butter, especially back in the days when I used to eat a lot of peanut butter I could easily eat a whole jar in one sitting.

So you have to be aware of that. The peanut butter very easily adds up, okay? So we have this jar of 350 grams, right? So if I were to take two big tablespoons. So two spoons is literally a hundred grams, right? So two big spoons into my mouth. Super tasty. It takes me two minutes to eat it.  And I will be up at 600 calories. So you remember the turó a hundred grams with the 450 gram 400 calories. Not even 400, it’s a little bit less actually, but I’m rounding it up to 400. Or I can eat two big spoons of peanut butter. And I get 600 calories.

So it’s like, you need to be conscious about your calories and you need to know these things. If you want to lose weight, But if you want help, if you want me to coach you and help you to create better decisions and taking control of your diet and ultimately taking control of your life and your weight.

Getting stronger, getting happier, eating better food, eating tasty, nutritious food. Let me know, contact me through DM’s on Instagram. Comment this video. I will be happy to talk with you more.